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Look and Feel Your Best!

It's A New Year and A New You!!! Healing Touch is your one stop shop to help you acheive your goal. . . Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments ( Weight Loss, Fat Reduction) ,

Real Client Results

1 session 

Ultrasonic Cavitation Results

*When trying these techniques it is important to obtain a sensible diet and exercising. 

*Drinking at least 64 oz of warm water is recommended. 

*Entire process is completed without the need of surgery or anesthesia. 

*Does not cause uneven skin, bleeding, swelling, or any side effects. 

*No downtime. 


Cavitation Machine/ Fat Reduction

This machine is designed to help you look younger and address weight loss

and body shaping. 


The Cavitation function on the machine sends sound waves through 

the targeted body part to penetrate into the fat cells breaking them up

and allowing them to disperse and detox out through waste. 


The Radio Frequency Vacuum function on the machine is used for

full body and face. This helps the reshaping with weight loss capabilities.

It will also promote tissue metabolism and reduce cellulite. 


The Body RF function actually disolves fat, promotes lymphatic drainage,

firms and tightens skin, and enhances the elasticity of skin.


The Face Radio Frequency& Tripolar Radio frequency helps eliminate

facial wrinkles and tighten and lift the skin.

Due To COVID 19 Mask Are Required To Enter Into The Spa.

Please Call If You Have 3 Or More People Wanting To Come In For Services. 

Deposits Or A Card Held On File Are Required During The Time Of Booking To Hold Your Appointment Slots. 

Deposits Are NONE REFUNDABLE And Card Will Not Be Charged Unless You NO SHOW Or CANCEL less Than 24 HOURS Of Appointment Time. 

The Ultrasonic Cavitation

One Body Part - $130

Add On An Extra Body Part - $70

The Detox Package 

V-Steam (Traditional Blend) and Foot Detox

1 Session  - $90

3 Sessions- $270

The Ultimate Detox

V-Steam (Traditional Blend), Foot Detox, and Sauna 

1 Session  - $135

3 Sessions- $405

The Supreme Detox

Cavitation (1 Body Part) and Sauna 

1 Session  - $160

3 Sessions- $480

Fat Reduction Package 

Cavitation (1 Body Part), Sauna, V-Steam, and Foot Detox

1 Session   - $260

3 Sessions - $780

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