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I Ordered The "Pain Be Gone" Butter for my loved one that deals with chronic pain. My loved one says that the cream works really good! We'll surely be repeat customers. I will most definitely refer my family and friends to purchase these products! Thank You for healing people with God's natural ingredients!

SS -

Yalllllllll. This is not pain be gone it is a miracle cream!!!!! I havebeen meaning to write a review but mom life gets me in shambles. Anyways when I tell you if you don't have it run and order it don't wait don't hesitate. I use it anytime something hurts and within minutes the pain is going away. An example last night I had the worse tooth pain. Now like all of us I ran to get pain meds but nothing was working. I searched everywhere for my PAIN BE GONE. Finally when I was ready to just knock myself out I found it rubbed it all over my jaw and neck and litterally 10 minutes later I had no more pain it was absolutely gone. I thank this woman so much and I swear I wont toucha pain pill again. 

- Samantha Reed -

I have had this pain in one spot in my back for years so I decided to try the Pain Be Gone oil and I was amazed that it took away that annoying pain! Great Product!!!

- Karen Williams -

These products are absolutely amazing. The pain be gone oil not only gives me relief from knee pain. it also worked on my sister's dog who got out of the house in 10 degree weather once he made it back home he collapsed on the porch almost froze to death. He was carried inside the only thing that got his legs and body moving was applying the pain be gone oil. This product is so amazing it woks on animals too. 

- Adreona Purifoy -

You are truly gifted, God gives all of us a unique gift, it's up if and how often we use it...You are using your gift of healing touch well! You blessed my body, heart, and mind with the session today. I have had an extremely busy 2015 and this is an awesome start to 2016. I wish you very well in your business! I pray God will cover, bless and keep you always. Keep up the excellent and superb work. Thank you so much for your time and touch! I feel completely free again!

  - Mrs. Duncun-

Joselyn is awesome!!! I Have Stage 2 Lymphedema and have a lot of pain in my legs. After having several lymphatic drainage massages with Joselyn the pain has definitely went down and I am actually starting to be able to exercise again which is amazing for how I have been feeling for the last few years. She also makes a pain relief cream that is phenomenal, this cream has been such a life saver it really does help the pain. Anybody who suffers with lymphedema or any other related disease/pain, definitely come see Joselyn at healing touch spa, not only does she have magical hands and creams, she has been a blessing, super sweet, professional and knows her work!!

- Sheila Bankston-


I have gotten massages here before and she does a good job. The environment is just right and puts you in a place where you can just relax. I have also used her pain be gone and my parents too. My mom has 4 bruised disc in her back and she started using pain be gone and hasn't looked back. I highly recommend this for any types of pain you might have from any injury and I guarantee you it works. All natural ingredients, check it out you wont be disappointed I promise you. 

- Cedra Glover -

Joselyn is tremendous- she excels at her craft. She has an ability to be gentle or high pressure as needed and i look forward to using her throughout my time in Georgia. I appreciate her flexibility and kindness and I know that others will too!!!

  -Joseph P-

Joselyn is amazing with her hands. She definitely helped me a lot with my aches and pains.

-Michelle Vick-


My experiences with this business goes back for almost 10 years and I have never had a bad experience. Whether I am getting a massage (i.e., Full-Body, reflexology, etc. ) or buying the glorious products ( i.e., Pain Be Gone, Watch Me Bloom, Detox Tea) service, attention to details and quality is always top-notch on-point and exceeds my need. I have recommended this business and Their products to several friends and family and all have been extremely pleased. If you haven't patronized this business, you're sorely missing out!

- Sunshine JC -

Leave Us A Review On Google Click Here 

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