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Vaginal Steams Are Available Now!

What Is A Vaginal Steam?

Vaginal Steam Is An Ancient Korean And Afro/ Caribbean Treatment That Provides A Steam Facial For The Vagina To Release Toxins.

Traditional Blend - $45 ( For Monthly Detoxing And For Beginners Who Are Looking To Try )

Like A Virgin - $55 ( For Tightening And Moistening The Vagina Making Her Brand New )

Roses - $50 ( Helps Get Rid Of The Bacteria That Causes The Lingering Smell After Your Cycle )

Bacterial Blend- $60 ( Helps Lesson The Bacteria In The Vagina And Also Helps To Clear Up Bacterial Infections )

Spice It Up- $55 ( Helps With Lubricating The Vaginal Walls To Increase The Urge For Intercourse ) 

Hemorrhoid - $65 ( Helps With Soothing The Pain Of Hemorrhoids )

Fertility Blend - $65 ( Helps To Get You Ovulating And Ready To Conceive ) 


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